Schalalala (since 2006)
a fan-scarf remix project

The basic idea behind »Schalalala« is to misuse fan-scarfs as a communication medium by recombining existing scarfs into new statements, and therefore enabling the fan/user to a more self-determined formulation.

The central element is an online remix-interface, developed in cooperation with Jan Lindenberg, on which you can insert pictures of your own scarf, remix a new one and download a knitting pattern of your remix.

»Schalalala« transfers digital thinking onto the physical object of the fan-scarf. The project's name refers to conceptual and structural relations (»Schal« is German for scarf), ranging from playful-musical to subversive-humourous usage of textual raw material, as in Cut-Up or Dada.

»Schalalala« started during the Soccer World Cup 2006 as an online format and has been continued through workshops and knitting circles.


»CRAFTWERK 2.0 – New Household Tactics
for the Popular Crafts«

curated by Clara Åhlvik and Otto von Busch
September 19, 2009 – March 21, 2010
Jönköping County Museum, Sweden

»Nullpunkt. Nieuwe German Gestaltung« / MARTa Herford (museum shop placement) / 14.Februar - 19.April 2009

Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin / »20 Jahre Mauerfall - Freiräume« / Jan 2009

TENT London / »Create Berlin goes London« / Dray Walk Gallery / Brick Lane, East London / Sept 2008

»Extreme Crafts« / 25.05–12.08.2007
[CAC] Contemporary Art Center / Vilnius, Lithuania

»Fan-Scarf Remix Weekend« / Schürmann Berlin / June/Juli 2006