Additional – parasitic textiles (2002-2007)

Additional is a parasitic brand. It features no own products, but adheres to existing things, surfaces and themes. It adds on to them and changes their purpose for its own aims.

All products (except the additional label) are entirely made of readymade products. Red thread becomes parasitic textile, red colored text stains mark the parasitic body in print environment.

Containing elements of Graffiti and Hacktivism the project shows medial attention strategies on a prototypic level. Previous additional agitations have included mailings, sowing workshops and interventions in design and fashion context.

Workshops / FH Aachen (2002)
DesignMai Berlin / Kunstfabrik (2003)
»berlin m'attaque« ...the hacking of Andrea Crews
vintage workshop Berlin (2003)
ITS#TWO / IN2 / Trieste 2003

»Red Dot Design Award« Design Zentrum NRW (2003)
»otaku« by Steiner Kierce, Santa Monica LA (2003)
»Fashion Inspiration Lab« Brussels Fashion Fair (2005)
»Extreme Crafts« / 25.05–12.08.2007
[CAC] Contemporary Art Center / Vilnius, Lithuania

Vice magazine (10/2003)
SPEX (08/2003)
Form (01/2004)
I.D. Magazine, New York (09-10/2004)
»It’s a matter of packaging« Victionary (2005)
AD!DICT Inspiration Book #24 (2005)
bym – Brigitte Young Miss (06/2006)
Kunstforum #185 »Parasitäre Strategien« (2007)

Red Dot Award / Design Zentrum NRW / junior (2003)
I.D. Student Design Review / honorable mention (2004)