Actionist Respoke / Passivist Destroke (2001)
experimental sound interface for Mouse On Mars
cooperation with Michael Janoschek

»Actionist Respoke« was produced on the occasion of the »MTV iClip Awards«. Contrasting the commercial orientation of the format iClip (an interactive web version of Music Video Clips), this work reflects the question if music has to please the listener and if an interface has to obey the user.
A kind of sound biotope, this interface is a stubborn, difficult to use system, which develops a chaotic / poetic dynamic of its own until it totally gets out of control.

»...If i-Clip is about visualizing the character of a band or music, Mouse On Mars deserve more than an instant fun interface. Here is something between a sequencer and Sound Tamagotchi. Put some learning effort into it, don't let visuals irritate you and most of all, don't be lazy.
This is not about just sitting back and having music served on a tablet. If you don't work hard enough, your i-Clip will crash soon.«

ZKM International Media Art Award / »Interactive« (2002) / »Digital Sparks« (2002) 

New Media Art Collection / centre pompidou paris
Artonica Festival / Bogota / Columbia 2003
Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medios / Santiago de Chile 2003
SWR Audiohyperspace / ...
Impakt Festival / »couch club« / Utrecht (2002)
Garage 2002 »playground« Stralsund (2002)
Transmediale.02 / »media lounge« / berlin (2002)

»Passivist Destroke« – sound interface for »Actionist Respoke«
Musik by Mouse On Mars (Toma/Werner/Nkishi).
Interface by Michael Janoschek and Rüdiger Schlömer
in cooperation with Christian Kahl / Ralf Bresser (iclip website)

Prof. Dr. Sabine Fabo, Prof. Klaus Gasteier, Jan St. Werner, Andi Thoma, Sonig records, FH Aachen – Department of Design.


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min. 800Mhz / Shockwave Player required
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