The gnittinK Room takes an experimental, process-based approach to knitting. Instead of aiming at the production of finished objects (a pair of socks, a scarf, a pullover) it explores alternative cross-connections. This includes pre- and post-digital methods of remix, sampling, cross-coding, fiber-cryptography and analogue computing.

What could serve as a knitting instruction that wasn’t meant to? What elements of the knitting process – instructions, notations, instruments, yarn patterns, hand movements – bear parallels to other fields and usages? What textile form could a twitter-feed be translated into? What kind of music could a sock yarn pattern generate?

The gnittinK Room collects and generates patterns and prototypes that re-think the common idea of knitting (and with it, of digital practice in general). This includes pixel patterns, music notations, navigation protocols, algorithmic writings, cooking recipes, as well as practical/conceptual systematics.

TgR is part of the exhibition “Neue Masche” (Rethinking Needlework), April 29 – July 24, 2011 at Museum Bellerive in Zürich, Switzerland.